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During the past four seasons of the American Character Project, Asolo Rep has explored our national and individual roots, transformative historical and political events, and unique people who’ve each embodied a facet of the elusive concept of what it means to be “American.”

As we embark on the Project’s fifth season, this theatrical experiment – much like the country itself – continues to evolve. We’ve told amazing stories, but we’re acutely conscious that there are so many more to tell, and so many more voices that must be brought into the ongoing cultural dialogue.

This season’s shows are linked together by a series of larger than life personalities – from the colorful gangsters of Guys & Dolls, to the iconic political figures of The Great Society and The Originalist, the dynamic women at the heart of Born Yesterday and The Little Foxes, and the over-the-top sports heroes of The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity, not to mention the unforgettable beatniks who populate the world premiere musical Beatsville. While any character has the potential to be larger than life, those that truly are possess more than just big personalities. They’ve been molded by extraordinary circumstances and the scope of their stories is both universal and yet instantly, intimately relatable.

The plays and musicals of the American Character Project provide the means through which we examine who we are, where we are, when we are. But this collaborative journey would be incomplete without you, the audience. You are going to be thrilled, engaged and moved, and you will recognize yourselves in each of these shows.

See yourself here.

Michael Donald Edwards
Producing Artistic Director