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The 2013-14 season is the second season in an ambitious five-year project that will examine and celebrate the extraordinary people, culture, history and experiences that make our country unique.  Throughout the American Character project, our seasons will feature select productions that explore, embody, and attempt to define what it truly means to be an American.

Family: a construct of human interaction that is as old as our species. 

We all start with our biological family – who raises, supports, and nurtures us. We are all members of our own immediate, idiosyncratic, unique, frustrating, irritating, loving families. They help shape who we are at the core of our being.

But throughout our lives we claim, or are claimed by, many different types of family.

We are adopted into circles of kinship and forge bonds via shared experiences. Families of race, religion, and community – groups that can be all inclusive or frighteningly exclusive.

Then there is the family of country – the American family.

We are ALL connected. What we have in common as Americans and as humans far outweighs our considerable and sometimes baffling differences.

Each day, balancing these diverse family circles requires work, compassion, and empathy.

This is where the theatre comes in. The theatre is obsessed with family. It celebrates family. It allows us a glimpse into the lives of other families – usually pretty interesting ones, too! It shows us the complex intersections of the many different groups that make up our human family. And, most importantly, it gives us a familial language that helps us connect with one another.

This season marks the second year of Asolo Rep’s exploration of the American Character, and the theme that has emerged most strongly, running from Show Boat all the way to Hero, is the family – how it’s defined, how it expresses itself, and how it is constantly accommodating the new and the different and at the same time remaining true to the basic idea of what family is.

Families also exist to grow and nurture their next generations – and Asolo Rep is constantly expanding our vibrant theatrical family by sharing exciting new perspectives on classic works and cultivating fresh and exhilarating American creative voices.

But this story would not be complete without you – our audience. Our family would not be complete without you.


Michael Donald Edwards
Producing Artistic Director